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The farm

Native Vineyards

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The farm

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The farm

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Il Cortiglio

Il Cortiglio is an organic farm, strongly dedicated to environmental sustainability.

The wines are produced with grapes coming exclusively from the company owned vineyards of Aglianico di Taurasi, Falanghina and Fiano. Also, the Organic and DOP extra virgin olive oil is produced only from native varieties including Ravece, Ogliarola, Marinese. In 2004 the company was initially founded only for olive growing, however in 2008 our first vineyards of Aglianico and Falanghina were planted. 

The supply chain is closed: all the production phases – from the field to the consumer – are managed in the company and the used raw materials are organically grown.

Production is therefore limited and the quantity of product-availability varies from year to year, depending on the climatic conditions and the characteristics of the vintage.

Where we are? The company is located in Fontanarosa, a small rural village in the country’s interior of Campania, with about 3,000 inhabitants, in the heart of Irpinia almost 85 km from Naples.

The town is considered “an open-air museum” and is characterized by the art of stone and straw with its spectacular obelisk, commonly called the Carro by the citizens.

 i Vigneti e gli Uliveti

Visit Us

Come to visit us and spend a few hours outdoors!
You can immerse yourself in our reality, relax in the shadow of the centuries-old olive groves or stroll through the rows of our vineyards.

Oil tourism and wine tourism routes are customizable, and visits must always be booked.

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